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What is clean makeup?

Clean makeup is a lot like organic food. It’s healthier than the conventional, processed stuff. Clean makeup is safer to put on your skin, near your eyes and on your lips because it’s formulated without known or suspected toxins.

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Why NakedPoppy

We believe every woman deserves beauty products that make her look and feel fabulous — without posing a risk to her health. Unfortunately, cosmetics in the U.S. are so lightly regulated that conventional makeup can contain ingredients thought to cause cancer, hormone imbalance, reproductive harm, or other negative health impacts. NakedPoppy matches you with rigorously screened clean beauty products you’ll love.

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Talk about town

Over time, what I put in – and on – my body has become increasingly important to me. Not only do I love the idea of clean beauty products, but NakedPoppy introduced me to my new go-to BB cream. I'm in love with the smooth, light coverage. Thanks, NakedPoppy!

– Mary Ellen Ynes

I tried Naked Poppy after a friend had posted some pictures with her new makeup, and she looked AMAZING! I took the quiz, which was quick yet felt thorough. The products Naked Poppy recommended for me were reasonably priced and looked like nice colors, so I Read more...

– Leslie Dailey

I have terrible reactions to a lot of makeup (and have never been able to figure out precisely which ingredient(s) cause the reaction) but the NakedPoppy makeup hasn’t caused a single reaction. I ended up throwing out all of my other makeup because I hit the jackpot!

– Cindra Kallabis

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