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Clean beauty starts with safety, but it doesn’t end there.

Our strict standard is absolutely spotless — starting with the absolute safest of safe ingredients (evaluated in-depth by chemists), fully vetted processes and cruelty-free, ethically made, low environmental impact screening.

When you honor your body with our level of clean makeup and skincare, you can’t help but feel good about your beauty routine. That feeling is the beginning of what we call a beautiful life.

The Real Talk

“It’s like hitting the jackpot!
I ended up throwing out all my other makeup.”
- Diana B.

“The second I started using my NakedPoppy products, I got compliments. Including on a video conference, which is never kind to one’s appearance.”
- Leslie D.

“I keep coming back to NakedPoppy every month, eager to see what new products have been added to my boutique.”
- Julia F.

“My skin is super-sensitive. But not a single NakedPoppy product has caused a reaction.”
- Kristin P.

“The picks in my personalized boutique were absolutely spot on.
Not having to sort through hundreds of products to find what I’m looking for is a game changer.”
- Julia L.

“I’ve never been this excited to do my makeup.
It feels so different when you find clean products that are perfect for you and do good in the world, too.”
- Jasmine B.

We're Glad You're Here

We started NakedPoppy because we know once you have the right products, clean beauty is an awesome journey to be on.

Our promise to you is simple: We make sure every product you use is absolutely clean, safe and just really, really good to use.

We’re a team of passionate women who have spent over two years developing our online assessment — honing it with the help of data scientists, makeup artists, green chemists, and skincare experts. In fact, its beauty intelligence is so finely tuned, we’ve got a patent pending. It’s so easy and accurate, it may even feel like magic.


Jaleh Bisharat, Co-founder and CEO

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