A Lazy Perfection Holiday Look

by Valerie Bisharat

As the days get shorter, it’s time to dig up those darker dresses, chunky knits, and deeper-colored lipsticks.

We called in makeup artist Jenny Patinkin to demystify how to create a "lazy perfection" holiday look that makes you look fresh, glowing and full of cheer.

This 10-minute application is easy and includes a few back pocket tricks that’ll last you the holidays and beyond.


To recap Jenny's tips:

  1. Optional: apply foundation and/or BB cream to even out the skin.
  2. Apply concealer in a v-shape below each eye to remove red tones and discoloration from your skin. If you're using a highly pigmented concealer, consider applying it with a brush. 
  3. Don't forget to apply concealer to any other red areas, like on the lids, between the eyebrows, on your nose, around the nostrils, and on the chin!  
  4. Tap a neutral eyeshadow into the lids.
  5. Use an eyeliner pencil to draw dashes into your eye socket line. Use a brush to blend the line.
  6. Apply eyeliner underneath the upper lash line. This is called "tightlining."
  7. Next, mascara! Apply it using the "press, wiggle, and fluff" method. Press into the roots of your lashes, wiggle so they don't get clumpy, and fluff so you get a little drama.
  8. Add eyeliner to your lower lash line by swiping the tip of the pencil with a brush and softly swiping the brush under your eyes.
  9. Optional: apply mascara to your lower lashes.
  10. Apply blush! This peachy brown tone helps neutralize any redness in your skin.
  11. Apply highlighter in a C-shape around your eyes.
  12. Tap the eyeshadow into the inside corners of your eyes for extra brightness.
  13. Last, the red lip. To apply with more precision, use the pointy part to trace out the shape of your lips more easily. Blot the first coat with your fingers then apply a second coat for a deeper color. 


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