A Quick, Mess-Free Way to Effectively Remove Your Makeup

by Misty Spinney

naked poppy removing makeup

Going to sleep in your makeup is not an option if you want to preserve the integrity of your skin. (Yes, even if it’s clean makeup!)

But after a long day, washing your face and removing your makeup can feel like a chore rather than a ritual of self-care. You don’t always get all the makeup off in the first go. Your arms are often dripping with runny, soapy trickles of makeup. And your sink needs a wipedown. When you just want to go to bed, this end-of-day routine can be a little tedious.

Good news. I’m here to upgrade your nightly face routine with an efficient, effective, and mess-free alternative.

Say hello to Jane Iredale’s magic mitt. Made with knitted non-toxic microfibers, the mitt requires just a splash of water to turn into makeup removing magic. The microfibers and water turn makeup into an emulsion that’s easily swept away. Once you remove your makeup with the mitt – which you can do drip-free – your face washing will turn into a sixty-second moment of refresh.

naked poppy clean makeup

Here’s the mess-free facial cleansing routine you can accomplish in less than two minutes:

Step 1: Bust out your mitt

Dampen the cloth with warm water, ring out the excess moisture, and slide the mitt onto your hand. Make small, gentle circular motions all over your face and eyes. When the first side of the mit gets covered in makeup, turn over and repeat with the clean side of the mitt to remove the rest of the residue.

Step 2: Quickly cleanse your face

Because you already did the heavy (makeup) lifting with the mitt, you only need a tiny amount of your face wash to finish cleansing – a pea-size dollop should to the trick. Cleanse, splash some water on your face, gently pat dry with a hand towel, and viola! Your face is perfectly clean in less time, creating less mess, and using less product.

Step 3: Rinse your mitt and get to bed

When you’re finished with your mitt, clean off the makeup residue with a gentle soap (I recommend Dr. Bronner’s), ring out any excess water, and hang it up to dry.

Now you can go to bed knowing that your skin cells will regenerate without any topical interference – and be ready to revel in your new mitt routine again tomorrow!

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