Self-Care Beauty Rituals from Around the World

by Talia Favale

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Self-care is a buzzword in the wellness world right now. In truth, though, women have turned to nature to incorporate wellness and self-love into their everyday lives for centuries.

Below are just a few of our favorite practices from different cultures. We hope they inspire your own self-care rituals. Enjoy!

India — Turmeric for brightening skin, decreasing inflammation, and getting rid of acne

Rooted in Indian and Pakistani wedding tradition, using turmeric for the skin is a practice that’s millennia old. Not only is turmeric a powerhouse for wellness in general, it’s a savior for the skin.

Try it: Combine 2 tablespoons of ground oats, 1 tablespoon of turmeric, two tablespoons of yogurt, and a few drops of honey for an indulgent face mask that leaves you with a gorgeous glow.

Uganda — Nilotica butter for glowing skin

Nilotica is a cousin to the more commonly known shea butter. Only found along a small portion of the Nile River, nilotica is rare here in the United States. From birth, Ugandan parents apply nilotica butter to moisturize and soothe their babies’ skin, and continue to use this powerful, natural cream throughout their lives. As a result, women in Uganda are known for their beautifully soft and hydrated skin, even though many of them spend time outside in the sun – which typically dries out the skin.

Try it: Nilotica butter is available for purchase online.

Australia — Yarrow for stretch marks

Yarrow is an age-old and versatile medicinal herb, which can be used in a number of wellness-related treatments. Aboriginal women in Australia use yarrow to help camouflage stretch marks and scars. Yarrow is also great for healing acne and eczema.

Try it: Make your own yarrow healing cream by combining about 11 tablespoons of olive oil, yarrow flowers and/or leaves, and 7-8 slices of beeswax in a blender until smooth.

Chile — Red grape masks to heal skin damage

Red wine in moderation has been proven to harbor wellness benefits ranging from cardiac health to cellular healing. In Chile, though, women use red grapes to create face masks! Red grapes are chock-full of alpha hydroxy acids which help stimulate cell turnover, promoting faster healing of sun and free radical damage.

Try it: Mix 6-7 grapes with an egg white in a blender to create a frothy mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse.

Korea — An average of 10-15 beauty products nightly

In the States it seems like we’re always trying to figure out how to do things quicker and more efficiently to better accommodate our busy lives. While I’m all about a 3-in-1 beauty product, there’s something to be said about taking the time at the end of a busy day to really pamper yourself.

Try it: The most notable step in a Korean beauty routine is the double cleanse. First, use an oil cleanser to break down any makeup or general build-up from the day, follow with a cleansing water to finish the job. Try the Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil from Aromatica followed by the INIKA’s Micellar Cleansing Rosewater.

Every region has its own beauty secrets. Whether it’s passing down age-old traditions from one generation to the next, or learning new benefits of a plant native to the land, women around the world will continue to find ways to make themselves look and feel beautiful. And at NakedPoppy, we encourage women to partake in whatever it is that makes them feel great, without guilt.  

Any rituals you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments below.

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TammyMaria Settles Sep 18, 2018

My self-care ritual is really more of a “lesson-learned” change in habits. While paying attention to my skin in my youth, I began to pay too much attention. This led to trying to “fix” everything, which led to over cleansing, scrubbing, then squeezing blackheads and acne, with disastrous results. Today I cleanse my skin gently, never “pick,” and seek out good-for-me ingredients. One more amazingly great ritual that has truly saved my face is having trained myself to sleep on my back. Wrinkles have disappeared. Puffiness is gone. I cannot stress too much how amazing this one change has helped my skin! Also my nightly skin products stay right where I put them. Thank you for the opportunity to share :)

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