Not Exactly the First Customer We Had in Mind

by Kimberly Shenk

Naked Poppy organic makeup

We finished building the first iteration of our test website and it was live. We had purposefully designed it to be very basic, as there were specific elements we wanted to test. We knew the customer experience would be rocky because behind the scenes, we had hacked everything together. We were doing everything by hand.

Using a temporary company name, we created a Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to our test site. We couldn’t wait to speak with people who were genuinely interested in purchasing clean makeup to find out what they were really looking for and to explore how we could serve their unique needs.

We turned on the campaign in the morning. I obsessively checked our Adwords account. Lots of people were clicking on the ad, but no one had taken our quiz yet.

Suddenly, I saw that our first customer had completed the quiz. Jaleh was sitting right next to me.

“Wait! Don’t look at her answers without me!” she cried as she rushed to get the quiz open on her computer. “We have to remember this moment. This is our very first customer. We’ll send her a plaque someday.”

We were so excited, we started reading the questions together.

“She prefers a more natural look!”

“She has light, normal skin with neutral undertones!”

“She has blonde hair and blue eyes!”

“Oh! She’s 57!!”

She was coming to life for us. We looked at each other with excitement. Our first, real human customer. We loved her.

“And she wants to FaceTime with one of our makeup artists!”

We couldn’t wait to talk with her. This was everything we’d hoped for.

“And her name is...Cindra!?!!”

My mom.

We both burst out laughing. We laughed so hard we cried.

I hadn’t even told my mom the website was live. She knew the test company name and got curious. Her timing was impeccable.

Technically, she was our first word-of-mouth customer, but we couldn’t count her. Sorry, mom.

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