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The Clean Ritual Set

by NakedPoppy

Get or gift a clean skincare routine with this self-care kit. It features the NakedPoppy Nourish and Refresh cleanser minis, NakedPoppy Revitalize Organic Facial Oil, and petite Jenny Patinkin Rose on Rose Face Roller. Retails for $98.

Why you'll love it

  • Best-selling NakedPoppy facial oil hydrates, brightens, and firms skin
  • NakedPoppy Nourish Cream Cleanser, in a 1oz mini size, melts away makeup and leaves skin moisturized
  • NakedPoppy Refresh Foaming Cleanser, in a 1 oz mini size, purifies skin without stripping the skin barrier
  • Mini rose quartz facial roller helps with lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness, boost circulation, and enhance skin radiance

How to use

  • First, cleanse skin with lukewarm water and your cleanser of choice to create a clean slate
  • Then apply 3-5 drops of facial oil to moisturize skin and provide a slick surface for your easy facial rolling
  • Follow it up with the facial roller, rolling towards the ears (on the lower half of the face, this means rolling upwards, and on the upper part of the face, it means rolling downwards)
How to use The Clean Ritual Set by NakedPoppy

About this Brand

At NakedPoppy we’re clean beauty fanatics. As collectors and curators, we’ve spent years researching and testing every clean lipstick and lotion, mascara and potion we can get our hands on – so we can put the safest and most beautiful products into yours.

It’s that hunt for the best of the best clean beauty that inspires NakedPoppy’s own collection. When we can’t find that perfect product, we create it. Our magic formula? Squeaky clean plus seriously gorgeous. And we don’t compromise on either.

In terms of health, our standards are second to none. Vetted and evaluated by our team of scientists at every stage from seed to makeup bag, each NakedPoppy product is made to not only meet but raise the bar in the following areas.

  • Your Health. The safest ingredients only.
  • Animal Health. Cruelty-free.
  • Environmental Health. Low environmental impact.
  • Community and Social Health. Made with fair labor practices and positive impact on the community.

And at NakedPoppy, clean is only half the equation. Beauty-wise we also go beyond. Expert makeup artists, women, and our founders themselves road test every formula to make sure it’s as luxe, luscious, and long-lasting as can be before we bring it to you.

Because you deserve products that nurture your inner and outer beauty. To us, it’s a simple notion: better on you, and better for you. Always.

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