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Clove + Hallow

Lip Polish

An all-in-one lip scrub that perfects, protects, and preps your pout; gentle exfolation removes dry skin while nourishing ingredients soften and soothe.

1oz / 30g

Why you'll love it

  • Natural sugar crystals gently but effectively slough away dry, flaking skin
  • Deeply nourishes and softens lips with natural plant oils
  • Smoothes and preps your pout for flawless lip color application

About this brand

NakedPoppy adores CLOVE + HALLOW. We searched high and low for the world’s best clean concealer and uncovered CLOVE + HALLOW’s cult following. So, we tried their concealer ourselves. We were thrilled by the results – and by the brand’s uncompromising commitment to vegan, cruelty-free beauty.

Makeup artist Sarah Biggers founded CLOVE + HALLOW in 2016 after recovering from a debilitating illness that caused her to rethink all the chemicals in her life. The brand reflects Sarah’s professional standards as a makeup artist, love of animals, and commitment to an affordable price point.

  • High-quality products with high-quality ingredients
  • Concealer is a NakedPoppy favorite
  • Founded and led by a professional makeup artist who grew up in a family of entrepreneurs
  • Clean15™ formulation strategy replaces thousands of questionable chemicals with a well-researched roster of natural ingredients and safe synthetics
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance or flavor, and more than 1,500 other questionable nasties that are known carcinogens, endocrine and hormone disruptors, allergens, or animal by-products
  • Made with skin-loving botanicals, butters, oils, and waxes, gorgeous pigments, ECO-CERT approved preservatives, and other luxe ingredients
  • Based in Atlanta, Georgia


“A word about safe: we understand there is no universally accepted definition of what clean, green, or safe means within the beauty space. At CLOVE + HALLOW, these words mean that all ingredients, natural or otherwise, have been well-researched for safety and selected based on serving a necessary function - such as pigment, preservation, or performance. Additionally, we stay on top of new research to ensure that our formulations are consistent with modern science.”

All Clove + Hallow products are:

  • PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free
  • Made in America, but follow the E.U.’s more stringent formulation standards

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Key ingredients


Gently exfoliates

Castor oil

Seals in hydration




Sucrose (Sugar), Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Glycerin, Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Allergen info

May contain nut-derived ingredients

How to use

  • Scoop out a pea-sized amount and gently rub over your lips with your fingertip for 15 seconds
  • For more exfoliation, maintain lightweight pressure but add more time
  • Finish with a hydrating lip balm for extra protection
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Cassandra Swesey

Love this scrub. Works super well, smells great and leaves my lips smooth. I live in MT with harsh winters, and this is a life saver. I will definitely buy this again.

Solid purchase

This truly does work. My lips are fuller and hydrated. I use it combined with the lip wax you put on after. It works so well people asked me what I was doing with my lips because they look so good. I do not wear lipsticks or glosses. Just this stuff and some lanolin. Great product.

Jessica Kreusel
Love it!!

The sugar scrub is so good! I use it once a night and my lips are avoiding the cold winter chap I normally get! This product changed my mind about the lip mask. It’s so worth it to purchase! Recommend buying both this product and the lip mask at once.

Teana S. via cloveandhallow.com
In love with this!

I’ve only used a few times but am in love with!! My lips always feel rough but this softens them up so well! I use before I go to bed and then used the tinted lip mask in the morning, great combo!

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