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The Cliffs Notes on Clean Beauty


Clean beauty generally refers to products that are formulated without harmful chemicals, and considered safer for you.


Regular makeup and skincare contains an alarming amount of questionable chemicals. Some of which are linked to endocrine disruption, reproductive issues, cancer, and more.


Iffy chemicals aren’t the norm globally. The E.U., for example, has restricted the use of 1,382 different chemicals in cosmetics. The U.S.? Just 30.

Our Healthy Obsessions

Our four pillars of what we consider ‘clean’ take into account each aspect of a product’s potential impact.

Your Health

Every single ingredient is evaluated in depth for any negative health effects.

Animal Health

Every product on is cruelty-free. Period.

Environmental Health

Minimizing environmental impact is a top priority.

Community & Social Health

Fair labor practices, worker safety, and community outreach – we seek partners with positive values.

Not Just Cleaner. Cleanest.

This isn’t just about cutting out the major no-no’s. It’s about delivering the healthiest, most highly-vetted beauty products anywhere. We’re talking seriously gorgeous, and squeaky clean. Only.

Screen for safety

1. Screen for safety

Expert toxicologists, chemists, and environmental scientists evaluate every stage of an ingredient’s lifecycle, from the seed to your makeup bag.

Conventional Chemicals

About 12,500 chemicals are used today in the industry


About 7,000 chemicals get the OK in the E.U.

Safest (Our Space)

We allow fewer than 700 clean, highly-vetted chemicals

Here’s a current No List of chemicals we absolutely won’t allow

2. Test for Fabulousness

So it’s clean. But is it luxe, and gorgeous, and long-lasting?

A crew of expert makeup artists (and our founders themselves) wear, play with, and live in each product before it gets the OK.

Test for Fabulousness

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