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NakedPoppy is your home for the safest, cleanest, and most luxuriously crafted makeup and skincare — curated for you.

After taking your 3-minute beauty assessment, every product is rated just for you - and Perfect Picks are placed in your personalized boutique. This lets you shop for products that will look amazing without wasting time on the stuff that's not for you.

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The NakedPoppy Story Starts With You

Your journey is part of something bigger.

We know because we’re on that journey with you. There’s a lifetime of beauty in all of us. It’s filled with growth, amazing experiences, and confidence that only gets richer with each new year.

Makeup and skincare are a personal part of that journey, and we love making it meaningful for you.

There’s a lot more ahead.

We launched NakedPoppy in 2019, and clean beauty has already made so many advancements that it’s hard to keep up. But luckily for you, that's our full-time job. We’re obsessed with the quality, applications, and processes that are constantly being innovated in clean beauty labs. We also ensure that every brand we work with is aligned with our values.

When you use clean beauty, you beautify your life.

In choosing clean beauty, whether that's a favorite mascara or a bold lipstick, you're choosing your own well-being. And once you’ve made that commitment, you’ll find it spreads into other parts of your life.

How We Vet Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty Cheat Sheet


Clean beauty refers to products that are formulated without harmful chemicals and therefore considered safer for you.


Regular makeup can contain plenty of questionable chemicals — some of which are linked to endocrine disruption, reproductive issues, cancer, and more.


Iffy chemicals aren’t the norm globally. The E.U., for example, has restricted the use of 1,382 different chemicals in cosmetics. The U.S.? Just 30.

Our healthy obsessions

The four pillars of what we consider ‘clean’ take into account every aspect of a product’s potential impact.

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Your Health

Every ingredient in every product we offer is rigorously evaluated for negative health effects.

cruelty-free icon

Animal Health

Every product on NakedPoppy.com is cruelty-free. Period.

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Environmental Health

Minimizing environmental impact is a top priority.

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Community and Social Health

Fair labor practices, worker safety, and community outreach — we seek partners with positive values.

Not Just Cleaner. Cleanest.

This isn’t just about cutting out the major no-no’s. It’s about delivering the safest, most highly vetted beauty products anywhere and making sure you don’t waste time on anything but the best of the best.


Ingredients used in personal care, many of which are questionable


Clean, vetted ingredients on NakedPoppy shelves

Step 1.

Screen for safety

Only 950 carefully vetted ingredients currently meet the NakedPoppy clean standard.

We don’t believe that merely banning a set of chemicals protects you properly (although we certainly have our No List of the absolute worst).

Why not? Because there are about 12,500 ingredients allowed in personal care in the United States. Banning dozens or even hundreds of these can still allow some nasties to slip through.

So, at NakedPoppy, scientists evaluate every stage of an ingredient’s lifecycle, from the seed to your makeup bag — and make sure that it’s not a known or suspected toxin.

Step 2.

Test for fabulousness

So it’s clean. But is it luxe, gorgeous, and long-lasting? A crew of expert makeup artists (and our founders) wear, play with, and live in each product before it gets the OK.

The Secret Sauce

Clean, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly products are wonderful — but figuring out which ones are perfect for you takes effort. So, we got to work making it easy to find the ideal clean products for you.

You take your 3-minute expert beauty assessment, perfected by data scientists, chemists, skincare specialists, and makeup artists. NakedPoppy uses advanced technology that considers skin type, color, undertone, age, eye and hair color, allergies, sensitivities, beauty goals, and more to rate every product in our store according to how well it will work for you. It then assembles your personalized clean beauty boutique, featuring your Perfect Picks.

Meet the Team

We’re proud that our leadership team consists of wellness-obsessed, tech-savvy, clean beauty-loving women who live and breathe our mission to bring you the best of clean beauty — pretty much 24/7.

Jaleh Bisharat, CEO of NakedPoppy

Jaleh Bisharat

Co-founder and CEO

Former CMO/VP at OpenTable, Amazon, Upwork and Eventbrite

Note from our co-founder, Jaleh Bisharat

I sometimes joke that when Whole Foods started carrying clean beauty products, I was their first customer.

It’s not far from the truth.

I’ve loved organic, nourishing food for as long as I can remember. It made sense to me that over time, what I put in my pores, near my eyes, and on my lips could also have a cumulative impact on my health.

So, about 15 years ago, I started buying some pretty crunchy beauty brands. In the beginning, people were probably too polite to tell me I didn’t look terribly glamorous. But I enjoyed the peace of mind.

Then, something magical happened. Products started getting better. I found a clean mascara that worked just as well as traditional mascara!

So, I became obsessed with the idea of starting a company that makes clean makeup easy to buy online, so that many more people could enjoy better-for-you beauty. And, in 2019, we launched NakedPoppy.

I want your makeup and skin rituals to be a joy not just because they make you feel good, but because they’re made with safe ingredients and high-quality processes that honor your body and your values.

I also want to make it easy for you to look incredible. ;)

After starting your journey with NakedPoppy, I predict you’ll find that your relationship with makeup and your skin has changed. You’ll be excited about the integrity of having a clean beauty routine, and feel a new level of confidence.

It’s an important shift, and I want to personally thank you for being on this journey with us.


Our mission to bring you the best-of-the-best clean beauty has been made possible with the support of some of our favorite people — who also happen to be some of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital investors.

They are:
  • Cowboy Ventures
  • Felicis Ventures
  • Khosla Ventures
  • Maveron
  • Polaris Partners
  • Slow Ventures
In addition, we’re fortunate to have some amazing angel investors:
  • Amy Banse, Managing Director and Head of Funds, Comcast Ventures
  • Thomas Layton, Chairman of Upwork and former CEO at OpenTable
  • Susan Lyne, Managing Partner of BBG Ventures, former CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Gilt Groupe
  • Andy Rachleff, Co-founder of Benchmark Capital, Co-founder and CEO of Wealthfront, Stanford Graduate School of Business Lecturer
  • Jamie Rapperport, Co-founder and CEO of Eversight
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