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Best Colors if You're a Brisk Autumn

NakedPoppy can find your season and best makeup colors

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About Brisk Autumn Season

NakedPoppy finds your most flattering colors using an advanced version of what's called seasonal analysis. You’re a Brisk Autumn, so your ideal palette has moved away from the warmest autumnal colors and towards the more neutral and even cooler shades found in fall. Glowing and earthy colors complement your natural coloring and harmonize beautifully with gray hair.

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Makeup Colors if You're a Brisk Autumn

  • Not everyone can get away with wearing a neutral, nude lip, but this looks great on you! Try a peachy-pink rather than a brown- or beige-nude.
  • For more of a statement, reach for a muted red lip.
  • With your lighter-colored hair, dark or brown lip shades may look too harsh for your liking.

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  • Consider trying out a brown or dark gray mascara. It’ll bring out the color in your eyes.
  • Reach for eyeshadows with a matte or slightly shimmering finish. Sparkly shadows may feel like too much.
  • Neutral eyeshadows look awesome on you. Want to add an accent color? Try a soft pink or soft peach.

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  • You’ve got lovely soft features. Be sure to blend your blush well to avoid harsh-looking lines.
  • For blush, soft colors like peach or warm pink will bring a fresh-looking flush to your face.

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What's NakedPoppy Seasonal Color Analysis?

NakedPoppy chooses the most flattering makeup colors for you — so you can confidently find products that’ll look amazing on you.

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The Magic Behind Your Ideal Color Palette

It’s based on what’s called “seasonal color analysis,” a method usually used for picking out clothing. It draws inspiration from the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and fall) and their colors in nature to determine what will complement your natural coloring.  

After more than five years immersed in color science, we’ve evolved and refined traditional seasonal color analysis, and NakedPoppy Seasons are the result.

We calculate your NakedPoppy Season based on all aspects of your coloring, including your skin tone, undertone, hair color, and eye color.

NakedPoppy uses your best makeup colors to pick your ideal clean beauty products in your perfect shades.

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