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What's NakedPoppy Color Analysis?

NakedPoppy chooses the most flattering makeup colors for you — so you can confidently find products that’ll look amazing on you.

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The Magic Behind Your Ideal Color Palette

It’s based on what’s called “seasonal color analysis,” a method usually used for picking out clothing. It draws inspiration from the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and fall) and their colors in nature to determine what will complement your natural coloring.  

After more than five years immersed in color science, we’ve evolved and refined traditional seasonal color analysis, and NakedPoppy Seasons are the result.

We calculate your NakedPoppy Season based on all aspects of your coloring, including your skin tone, undertone, hair color, and eye color.

To go even deeper, there are 20 unique NakedPoppy Seasons — but this doesn’t mean there are only 20 sets of colors. A “Soft Autumn” with light skin, for example, will get different makeup colors than a “Soft Autumn” with darker skin.

Your season is just one (very important) part of what goes into your NakedPoppy recommendations. We also consider more than 30 other factors — like your skin type, age, and ingredient sensitivities — to pick your ideal products.

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