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Satin Matte Foundation – Beige 5

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  • This product is vegan, meaning it does not contain animal products or by products.
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Amazing product

I ordered the loose powder foundation and the bronzer because I was looking for makeup without chemicals and without pore-clogging ingredients. I had been using Jane Iredale for the past ten years and was nervous to switch. To my surprise, I absolutely fell in love alimapure! It provides great coverage without the caked-on makeup look. Plus my skin is looking better! I’m noticing my pores aren’t as clogged. I hope alimapure continues to make these products for years to come.

It’s like magic

I’ve used bare minerals for years, so I expected this to be similar. It’s not. Bare minerals cakes up, this doesn’t. It looks a little powdery when you first apply it, but somehow within an hour or less it’s melted into the skin and doesn’t even look like foundation, it’s magical. The trick is to apply and blend one light layer at a time, instead of using a heavy hand. So if you don’t like to take time on your foundation, this might not be for you. Also the dispenser has tiny holes that make it almost impossible to use too much at a time, which is probably good but also annoying. I’d say I’ve only ever been able to get a light to medium coverage with just the foundation, so I also use the Alima Pure powder concealer for fuller coverage (I have a lot of textured and discolored ... more »

Only foundation I use

I’ve been using this foundation exclusively for about 2 years now and I love love love it. Its the only powder foundation that I’ve found that has been able to cover the birth marks on my face. I also love that it only has a couple ingredients. In the past I would have to buy foundations that had an ingredient list a mile long full of chemicals in order to cover the redness of my marks. I can’t say enough good things about this foundation. I’m an esthetician and it’s also very skin friendly and won’t clog your pores like most foundations that you have to pack into the skin in order to get even coverage.

Works well with my skin type

I have sensitive, sunburn prone skin that can clog easily. The powder works well to even out the pinker parts of my face, while still being gentle on my skin. To cover my red blemish bumps, I take some of the powder on a small concealer brush and mix it with serum to make it into a liquid concealer. I got some samples before I ordered the big container, I'm still the same color match that I was in 2012 when I first ordered from Alima! *

Switched from bareMinerals and Couldn't be Happier with Alima Pure

A couple years ago, I wanted to switch from Clinique to a more natural, mineral-based brand. I started using bareMinerals and within a couple months, I noticed breakouts around my cheeks and T-zone. I was in denial that the natural and "better for you" bareMinerals products I switched to were causing my breakouts, so I started to make changes to my diet, incorporated acne treatments into my daily skincare routine, took anti-blemish supplements and switched to scentless laundry detergent. After over a year of struggling with breakouts, I decided to try a new makeup brand and lo and behold -- I found Alima Pure. Within six weeks of using Alima Pure, my acne had almost entirely cleared up. I've been using Alima Pure for four months now and couldn't be happier. My skin is ... more »

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