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Chamomile Eye Palette – Pretty

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I love the packaging of this palette! it's a heavy plastic that should hold up well. The best part? When you run out of a shade in the palette, you can order a refill of just that color to pop in. Less waste and cost. I also appreciate that this makeup uses clean ingredients. The colors in the Lovely palette are nice neutrals that work well together. My only complaint is that I wish the shadows had a little more pigment. I ended up using a short stiffer brush to apply, which overall helped enhance the colors. I do like this overall for a nice, light everyday look.


I was hesitant when I opened up my eye palette because it had a slight smell (not a bad smell, just a factory/manufacturing kind of smell.) I was also hesitant because the colors in the palette were jusssssst off from what I would usually utilize. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by these bad boys. They went on well, and stayed well throughout a long work day. I also appreciated that they didn't get overly dusty when I was using my makeup brush. The fact that they pop out and each color can be replaced as needed is a great bonus. I would definitely recommend this product and will likely buy it again!


This eyeshadow palette has a nice selection of colors that allow for a beautiful look - particularly when blending or transitioning the colors. These create a very soft look when applied dry, and have very light deposits, allowing for a gentle and natural look. When applied wet, they have a much stronger, more bold look with larger color deposits. I also like that the colors pop out so individual colors can be replaced as they are used, instead of having to purchase a completely new set. I highly recommend this product.


I really like how you can pop each individual color out to replace it or change it up. This makes the packaging very eco friendly. However, I was unimpressed with how bold the color was on my eyes. The colors looked great on the tray, but the application was barely there. It took quite a bit for me to even be able to see that there was any color at all on my eyes. I'll use it because it's made from much better ingredients than the alternative, but I'm not too crazy about how much effort it takes to apply color.


The colors were beautiful and had a good range. They came out lighter and sheerer than expected on my skin, but I didn't mind since I prefer a natural look. They had good staying power. It's pretty unique that the eye shadow has chamomile oil and works with sensitive skin. The reason I gave 4 stars is because I would have liked this to come with a brush.

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