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Jojoba Eye Pencil – Forest

  • This product is vegan, meaning it does not contain animal products or by products.
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Just perfect!!!

All natural, great quality, long lasting. I bought this in Earth (brown) and Gold and absolutely love them. On the eyelid it's long lasting and ok lasting on the waterline -you'll get a few hrs out of it there (well I did anyway!)


I'm a big fan of this eye pencil in the shade stone. The oils in this product help it to glide along the lash line and lid with ease and less resistance than other eye liners. These additional oils not only make application (literally) smoother, but it also allows this to be used as a smudgable eye shadow, not just an eyeliner. There is a slight shimmer to this color that highlights the white in my eye, making the color in the iris pop and appear to be more vibrant. I have hazel eyes, and the purplish hue in this compliments the green and gold. I will be purchasing the other two colors!

Excellent for lining the eyes and smudging but... didn't adhere well in my waterline. It's very silky; a beautiful product that doesn't tug at all. If you don't intend to use the pencil in your waterline then this is a fantastic eye liner. I'm looking for a natural eyeliner for the waterline.

Good pencil, good product

Great product. Glides on really well and feels lovely. My eyes have tolerated it with no reaction or watering. Only issue is it doesn’t last, need to reapply 4-6 hourly, depending on how heavy you like ur eyeliner. I like a light coverage so my sensitive eyes it’s been great!

I like the way it

I like the way it goes on but it does stay in place well. It smudges easily

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