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Color & Light: Powder - Papaya 1972 High Intensity

  • This product is certified by Leaping Bunny as being made without animal testing.
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The blush is a pinkish red color that looks the same color my cheeks get when I go to the gym, while the highlighter has a warm pink sheen with no glitter that complements the blush perfectly. Both sides apply and blend seamlessly, are pigmented without being overpowering, and last all day (even through a sweaty 80 degree day). You get a good amount of product in each shade as well. I am so impressed by this product. The only downside is the packaging: it has a mirror but it’s not as luxurious feeling as other similarly-priced items.


I love love love this product! Be warned, the color on the website is much much darker than the actual product. It’s not deep orange as suggested by the photo but more of a true light melon color, and the highlight is a gorgeous soft champagne-y gold. I’ve only had this for a few days so I’m hesitant to give it five stars, but I found it very easy to apply, the color was sheer and buildable (if that’s what you’re going for, I prefer more natural looks) and it stayed on perfectly throughout eight hours of going to a pumpkin patch with kids and running errands. I’m definitely going to buy the pink duo too!!

Easy to use, I’m glowin

I bought this straight after I got the Kosas tinted face oil since watching those 5 minute face posts on Kosas’ IG page. I have to say, I’m a lazy person when it comes to makeup which is why I hardly wear much of it but this has indulged my laziness to next level! I got the Tropical Equinox shade and it just compliment someone my skin so well! Not to mention the highlight gives the dewiest finish. Doesn’t have those loud obnoxious shimmer particles or glitter pieces that a lot of highlighters do so I’m a big fan of this. I was really having a hard time choosing between this and velvet melon so maybe once this is finished, I’ll try that one!

Beautiful Dewy Duo

This duo is so perfect if you love cream products and want a dewy blush and highlight look. I bought mine in the shade 8th Muse and it’s perfect for the autumn/winter months because it’s a rosey mauve shade that makes you look like you’re naturally flushed. If you’re super fair don’t be afraid of the colour it blends out like a dream. I really want to try the other two in the summer!

Very Natural Looking

I've been really enjoying cream products lately and this is no exception - my skin is normally light medium neutral BUT is currently a suntanned medium neutral color and I mention this because this color JUST BARELY shows up on me. This color (Tropic Equinox) recreates a "just spending the entire day in the sun" look on the cheeks. The highlighter is also pretty, but it's less of a color and more of a simple wet look on my skin tone. Overall, it is VERY pretty, natural and I would try other colors - but don't expect this color to be crazy pigmented!

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