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Enchanted Lip Sheer – Whitethorn

  • This product is certified by Leaping Bunny as being made without animal testing.
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Best Lipstick Ever Created!

In my life, I’ve probably own/worn over 100 different lipsticks. This was by far the best! For a polished natural makeup look, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Overall happy

Nice pinky neutral color. Wasn’t sure about the slightly sticky texture at first, maybe because I’m more of a balm girl, but now I don’t mind it. I can’t tell if it’s lasting very long - it’s so close to my lip color, but I’m thinking not so much.

Creamy, highly pigmented, and luxuriant

I bought this in Carnal, which is a highly saturated, vampy carmine shade inspired by bitten, flushed lips and blooming capillaries. As a (mostly) grown-up goth, I can really get behind this brand's aesthetic and its focus on the ritualistic, ceremonial magic of makeup.

Datura Lip Sheer

I first saw this Datura Lip Sheer on Free People Site. I ordered it and fell in love with it. Then Free People stopped carrying it on line, so I went and looked it up on Google and was so grateful and excited I could still order it. This is My Favorite lip Sheer By Credo. Please don’t ever Stop Selling This Color ! Thank You

Mysterious and shadowy

Picked this up in store after finding these hidden in a corner, almost out of my reach. First off, I love the concept, and the shade names are fantastic! I bought Shadow Self, the black base and subtle purple shimmer was very attractive. Once home I tried it out - ohhhh yes. The formula is creamy, nicely pigmented, and feels quite moisturising, and is longer lasting then I expected (though eating greasy foods will rub it off quickly). I'm very much interested in buying more of these, I adore how it feels and looks!

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