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Lip Shine – Enchanted

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I got this to use as a blush and a lip color. As a lip color this shade (honest) is very sheer. It’s incredibly moisturizing but just like any gloss, it needs reapplication after eating and after several hours. As a blush, this is incredibly hydrating and doesn’t sink into pores. It’s a sheer color that doesn’t overpower my fair skin. I could only use it as a blush in the winter, though, since it doesn’t dry down completely. It’s wonderful for combo skin in the winter! No more dry patches!

Love it!

Great, rich color. Love the texture and how it nourishes my lips.

I need one of these

I need one of these moisturizing glosses in every color. My new fave.

beautiful berry balm

This is beautiful, natural berry color that stays on well and can be layered for more depth. It is not shiny, but more of a flat balm effect. I love everything about this product except that I need to use balm first as it does not provide much moisture. It will be fine on its own in summer. It came a bit banged up and the package was dirty, so I was hesitant to keep it. Sephora, you should not send product in such a state.

Beutiful color!

This is my favorite RMS color. It is a pinky red that is more pink than red and bright without being in your face. It works really well as a blush, too. In winter, you will need a lip balm underneath as it is lacking in real moisture. It goes on as a flat balm and is not shiny so calling it a Lip Shine is misleading. However, I do love the look. It came in a really banged up, smudged package. Sephora, you need to do better.

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