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Skin Esteem Liquid Foundation – Beige Medium

  • This product is vegan, meaning it does not contain animal products or by products.
  • This product is certified by Leaping Bunny as being made without animal testing.
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switched from La Mer foundation, but...

I wanted a natural foundation- better ingredients, no preservatives or fragrance- I recently purchased this after returning the La Mer foundation that I was using.
Easy to apply, hydrating, and natural coverage
Gets greasy after a few hours (I didn’t notice this from la Mer), I also see streaks on my face- it doesn’t blend as easily.
This might be a return.

great coverage

I had trouble with the application at first because this didn't go well together with my moisturizer/sunscreen - it didn't spread over my face evenly and just kind of peeled off as I was applying it. Once I figured it out I used a different sunscreen and bingo! It goes on beautifully and has a great coverage. My skin looks nice and luminous but not too shiny. I use a setting powder and it makes it last all day. I will buy again.

Okay but not amazing

I’ve been looking for a natural/non-toxic foundation and I decided to give it a try. I ordered Beige Medium Light and it looks very pale in the bottle and once I put it on it seems to blend into my skin. I think that’s because the foundation oxidizes once it’s on the skin. That seems to be the case with a lot of natural foundations. The coverage is fairly decent but I find it doesn’t blur all my imperfections. The finish is very matte and doesn’t have any glow to it. All in all it’s an okay foundation but for me it’s not worth the money.

Best Clean Foundation

Ok this isn’t ur typical foundation so the application is a bit trickier. Use a facial oil for a smoother application. Don’t forget ur sunscreen. Dab on ur face and use a flat foundation brush and don’t keep going over and over the same spot. It could cause ur foundation to “roll”. I used my fingers before the flat brush and it would cause it to roll. So use facial oil, sunscreen and a flat brush.

Meh... it’s a return. Ilia makes a better product.

The consistency is decent for an organic product. However, I didn’t think this product blended well at all even with a beauty blender. It looked almost mask like and chalky. Not to mention the packaging is plastic. Not worth it for the price. Ilia makes a better product with more colors to select from.

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