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Illusionist Concealer - 015C

  • This product is certified by Leaping Bunny as being made without animal testing.
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Great texture, easy to apply,

Great texture, easy to apply, long staying power.I have very sensitive skin and did not have any negative response as I often have.

Great concealer

Matches my yellow undertone skin tone, easy to apply, blends well and I love the clean ingredients.

Still ok but unhappy with formula change.

I've been a die-hard fan of this since I started buying it last year. I have read the reviews on this concealer stick and everybody was really happy. I have boughten the 115 and 130 consistently to cover hyperpigmentation on my face. The new formula is different. It is a little bit thicker and it changes the color of the 130. They've added shea butter and cornstarch to the formula. It's still better any option that I have but before it was so creamy and wonderful. It became one with the sjin instead of sitting on top and being like icing. It's a little bit more solid now at cold temps or little bit more waxy if you will.... I have hirtiusm so hopefully this new formula doesn't cause hair to become ingrown again because the old formula was literally perfect for preventing that and still providing color correction, also the 130 I know this is less orangie and more neutral so doesn't work as well for covering the purplish hyperpigmentation. Haven't tried the new 115 yet. Comparing the two formulas online I'm also saying that they took out the holy basil and the frankincense which is really disappointing because those are both really good for hormones.

Good color, easy to apply,

Good color, easy to apply, blends easily, long lasting

Ok, Vapour Illusionist has been

Ok, Vapour Illusionist has been my go-to concealer for a long time now. When I received this one I could instantly tell it had been reformulated. Not only is the tube shorter and slightly fatter, but the consistency of the concealer is not quite as creamy. Since I love this product (and don't love change 😉) I was skeptical that I'd still think it's amazing. But I actually like it even better! It still has that super easy to apply texture but now stays put better and provides better coverage. I didn't think my fave product could be improved but it definitely has!

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